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Offer Instruction and Bank Form

Below is bank form that you need for your offer. This form does not need the buyer to sign, simply a summary sheet of the offer. Please do not use your personal or your office cover sheet when submit your offer since the work sheet has all your information. Please submit the following documents in this order:


1) Bank form, i.e. Offer Work Sheet. Click to download

2) CAR purchase contract

3) Agency relationship disclosure.

4) Pre approval letter from buyer lender or seller preferred lender. See disclosure on MLS "Private Note."

    If you have to use FHA, we need an addendum from your buyer specifying that it is buyer's

    responsibility to repair any condition required by buyer lender for funding. Seller sale AS-IS and will

    NOT do any repair or offer seller credit.

5) Copy of deposit check, at least 2% of your offering price. Please write the

    check to: ____________ Title Company. The space is for you to add escrow company's name later once we

    know. On the memo of the check, put the property address.


Last condition is for All cash offer

6) Cash Offer needs to have your bank statement verifiable of all funds corresponding to your Offering price.  


We strongly recommend you to scan and send all documents via an attachment through email. This way you can see the quality of your offer and documents to be submitted and avoid unclear writing and smudges due to fax machine. The Email address for submitting an Offer is:



If you have to use fax the documents, please make sure that your fax is in good operation, so the documents will be in good quality. Our fax number for offers is 408-228-0822.

Thank you for your interest in making an offer and we are looking forward to working with you.



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